Miss Dior: Blooming Bouquet- Review

Blooming Bouquet is best described as an ensemble of hand picked flowers assembled to please but that is not all that flowers and women are though. There is more to us and roses than meets the eye.

With notes of Peony. Roses and slight hints of fruity deliciousness. This fragrance is spring in itself. After a long and harsh winter we wait for the spring and, in flowers and women one always looks for beauty on the outside, but there is more than that, as flowers have healing powers and so do women. We go through winter in our lives but come out with grace and humility, dignity and resilience.

To resist the harsh rain that is society it only makes us the flowers who we are.Brighter, stronger and better. Women are this fragrance, a blooming bouquet of joy and positive vibrations So, I bought this perfume on a cold winter evening to remind myself that the rain will pass and I will bloom again. Just like spring which is always waiting for us.