La Seine

There was nothing I could say that would replicate the sacred calmness of the seine I felt so calm, the first time ever because the water was calm. It was a summer afternoon and crowded with tourists but I can always find a way somehow, to just pick out an isolated corner and put my headphones on and  just zone out and soon it was like there was no one there just me and the Seine.

I distinctly remember I was listening to Des ronds dans l’eau by Françoise Hardy from the album Ma Jeunesse Fout le camp…. And as I stared at the Parisienne beauty, cruising past the history and quartiers, I thought to myself if there is such a thing as reincarnation, let me come back in my next life as something so beautiful and sacred like the seine or the clear blue sky that shelters the Seine from the nothingness of the Universe. The next day I went up to the bridge walking and looking at all those locks, people locked on the rails with their wishes and promises, something I think only lovers, or dreamers or lost souls looking for some solace do. Praying to the seine with a pure heart. And by the nuit the seine grew calmer and whispered in the sound of ripples, I felt at home.