Jungfrau:The summit

A cool July morning led to an icy afternoon. I normally hate winters anything that is cold reminds me of the utmost discomfort of loneliness. But Jungfrau was a kind of cold I do not mind.

The cable cars that lead up to the summit were gorgeous, we were gliding through the air nowhere to go but up.

It was beautiful green below and a beautiful blue above.

As we approached closer and closer I saw the beautiful blanket of white snow.

It was beautiful and untouched by anything, I’m talking about the spots we can’t even go to, because of the treacherous slopes. It is so hard to determine which makes me contemplate more- the sea? or the mountains? The sea makes me want to be reborn, come back as an aquatic creature. The mountains make me want to keep going up. There is no way I can ever decide.

Jungfrau is one of the main summits the Bernese Alps. Top of the Europe. A serene spot of contemplation.

I sometimes wonder if I got to all the summits in the world will I feel grand and fulfilled? Or does human satisfaction need to climb more and more heights? I always thought that whenever I saw mountains.

But maybe it’s not about the summit it is about the road which leads to it. Because its been 2 months shy of a year since I’ve been there but I cherish the ride, I can remember the view in pictures and my memory but the anticipation of getting to the top is a rush.

When I got there, as always I found an isolated corner to really take it all in. The chill ran a shiver down my spine but weirdly it didn’t make me feel lonely like the London winds do.

There was an air of creative elements. I wrote two songs that night.

While me family and I threw snowballs at each other we also tried out the sleds that go down the slopes at full speed and if you think about it logically I was going downhill, but any seemingly nonsensical adventure ride is perfect for the adrenaline junkie in me.

Adventures where anything crazy can happen brings the most calmness to me in life. I guess it’s because that is the only time I am not worried about random trivial nonsense. It is living in the moment and living to tell the story.

With the light as air feeling, clouds looking like pillows and white blankets of snow, there was a strange warmth to the experience.