the scent of serenity

I can only write how I feel of this, reviews are highly subjective but creating a perfume is not because it has to appeal to at least some people. When you spray a perfume you become a part of memory etched in time, as the fragrance can take you anywhere.

Françoise Hardy’s Si mi caballero is best to set the mood. Picture a dream like state where there is no self doubt only enchantment. One might think how can perfume make someone feel like that.

But I’m haunted by self doubt and this perfume reminded me of who I used to be, even though before today I didn’t know what the fragrance was like.

After a long and taxing time, Carat by Cartier is like a vacation, escapism into the familiar feeling but unknown destination it is like seeing mist or dew drops fresh in the morning.

It has floral notes of violet, iris and tulip along with ylang-ylang which definitely explains the serenity it brings with it. It’s like much awaited rain and the joy that, that brings.

This fragrance reminds me of the lyrics (Je me ferais douce aux portes du sommeil/Je me ferais source quand brûle le soleil) (I will make myself sweet at the gates of sleep/ I will make myself the spring( water) when the sun burns)  from Si mi caballero. These lines summarize the serenity that this fragrance brought to me. A calmness which I thought was always forbidden to me.