A ride through the woods

While, in London summer is still waiting for time to find it. Let us go back to a safari I took in India in April outside of Rishikesh.

I went to Rishikesh to do my project for my course and the day it was successfully completed my family and I took a road trip to drive to a forest nearby and go on a two hour long safari.
The road trip was sublime, I listened to a lot of Leonard Cohen who will always be one of my song writing idols.
I was listening to Suzanne and the melody just is made for a road trip or a train ride or any kind of travel that makes the mood light as air

Something about that day was so calming.
I know I write about things that calm me down but the thing is I am not a calm person. I suffer from anxiety so I find it is important to write down the calm moments so I can remember their existence, to cherish them and hope for more.
Nature is an antidepressant. It just sucks out the despair and takes it way with the wind.
The road was a long one running next to the beautiful Ganges or as we call it Ganga.
I don’t associate myself with any religion, because it isolates me a little bit, I’m not saying it is wrong to be religious but just saying that religion and spirituality are not the same thing.
In India which is my country, Ganga is recognised as a holy river. I love the idea of nature being divine. Why shouldn’t it be? I feel the presence of all creation in nature and for me that is enough.
The river flows and meets the sea, a continuous process that is very salient to our planet. I’m here because of nature and when I’m gone it will still be here nurturing future generations.
With thoughts like those it is perhaps best to listen to Leonard Cohen who always used religious motifs with love and despair, to him, love was divine and he opened a whole new aspect of song-writing to me.
Cut to,

I got to the forest and got into a safari in the warm spring sun and took a drive into the forest, it is called Rajaji National Park just outside of Rishikesh.
For once I shut off my music. To hear the birds sing and the little sounds that emerge from the grass and bushes to pronounce the sprinting of the deer.
How is that not musically inspiring?
The most inspiring part of the trip was when our jeep stopped by a spot and the guide told us that there was a category of monkeys which we saw there who are friendly with the deer. They shake the branches to drop leaves from the tree, in order to help the deer to eat and that the monkeys would also make a certain call which echoes across the woods warning the deer of a predator close by.
That was the best thing I have heard lately. I had given up on making new friends, but the true form of friendship was seen on that day.
Why can’t we be like them, help each other in spite of being different we all have our weaknesses and strengths why can’t we be friendly? If animals are not bothered by difference in appearance then why are we?
Maybe I’m dreaming of a world that will never exist or maybe it’s far away. But there are some species who have unconditional love for each other.
This story does not fix the problems of the world and it won’t but what I do hope it brings is a nice picture in your mind and you think about what a beautiful world we live in.

The perfect lyrics for this feeling would be written by Françoise Hardy in the song Tant de belles choses (Dans l’espace qui lie ciel et terre/Se cache le plus grand des mystères/Comme la brume voilant l’aurore/Il y a tant de belles choses que tu ignores)

(In the space between sky and earth/ there hides a grand mystery/ like the mist which wraps the dawn/ there are beautiful things that you ignore)