To Paris, With Love

I still wake up dreaming of Paris. When I was younger that was the only place I wanted to go I used to look at pictures with a starry eye. Paris was always my dream, I used to say to myself when I was 14 ” If I ever saw Paris, my life would be complete”

When I got off at Gare de Lyon all I wanted to scream with ecstasy. Later on my way to a pharmacy, I took a wrong turn and ended up in front of the Le Tour Eiffel. I was mesmerized and in that moment I knew what it was like to be in love. Paris is not a place it is a soul, an artistic enchanting soul, no one has ever made me feel like Paris and no one can.
So, touristic life went on in Paris but every night I would go and lie under the Eiffel Tower and wait for those lights, those lights that kept me going during bad times, in pictures, but now it was really in front of me, And so I listened to Si tu vois ma mère by Sidney Bechet and as cheesy as it sounds I will always have those memories of Paris. And like that France Gall song Si Maman Si “Mes vacances c’est toujours Paris”
je ne sais plus de quoi parler………