One Day in Nice, France

The place where the blue met the blue was where my dreams felt closer than ever. I swear I never saw something so blue and immediately it reminded me of the song How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful by Florence + The Machine. And, so with the sound of the waves and seagulls I was in paradise. This place was Nice in the south of France. With the lively French Riviera by my side I was filled with so much gratitude. I do realize having been there is a privilege it is not lost on me, the extent of my good fortune.

To think back I can’t believe it was only one day, but quite a memorable one at that. Perfectly pretty and narrow streets filled with colour, clear skies, blue waters and sun shining down on my skin, all ingredients of a perfect summer.
I got on a train from Cannes to Nice with my parents and as we moved past the French Riviera I could have sworn it was a dream I was listening to the album Quelq’un m’a dit by Carla Bruni and I was listening to the song Tout le Monde. I was overcome by the feeling of utter enchantment and bewilderment.

I just wondered what a world we live in, a place where so much beauty exists. And, so we reached to Nice, an unknown adventure to me but one filled with anticipation and immense hopes. I saw Nice in pictures and felt a deep connection. When I arrived at Nice, I was taken by it’s beauty by the Promenade des Anglais, which is an expanse of beaches facing the Mediterranean. The blueness of the whole place transported me to a sun-kissed, saline heaven and as I looked at the sky while letting the waves wash over me I knew in my heart “there is nothing better than this feeling!” With the lyrics in my head singing (Soleil je t’aime/ et pour toujours/ tu es fidèle/ mais l’amour /n’est pas souvent comme toi/pourquoi ?) by Françoise Hardy my favourite artist. These lyrics basically mean (Sun/ I love you/ you are faithful/ but love/ is not like you /why?)
And as I parasailed I could see the beauty beneath me before I almost drowned but Oh well! I’m here and It was the most beautiful blue.