Munnar, Kerala, India

The next morning I woke up at 5 while it was still dark out. I wanted to catch the sunrise the first rays of the winter sun. And as it shined down I was listening to L’Amite by Françoise Hardy the lyrics that really make me swell are (Beaucoup de mes amis sont venus des nuages…) (Lots of my friends come from the clouds….)I checked into the hotel, opened the drapes and there it was the view…

The Kerala Tea Gardens, slight fog as it was December. It was what we would call an “Instagram moment” But after I took my picture I just stared and stared at the picturesque beauty in front of me. I remember that night there was a bonfire after dinner. And as the embers scattered into the air.I knew traveling brought me the most solace, I had a habit of falling in love easily with places I had never been and people I had never met. Because there is a connection only found in nature and music, that is transcendental magic that can’t be described.

And Françoise Hardy sets an image that I need not visualize because it is in front of me

(Ils ont cette douceur des plus beaux paysages/

Et la fidélité des oiseaux de passage)

(They have this sweetness of the most beautiful landscapes/ And the loyalty of the birds in the passage)

Later that day I drove up to a viewpoint on a hill and there was fog in the air leaves slowly dancing in the cold but calm wind. There were beautiful tourists from everywhere. And I thought what a lovely way to end the year