London, England

How will I express London without talking about how much it changed me? Through thick and thin the London rain has been the backdrop through it all.

My new life, which I created with my family’s help. It was just escapism at first but I found out so much about myself, I came into my own I found out how sheltered I had been as someone who didn’t know how to use a vaccum cleaner which people found absurd. I transformed into someone who needs no one I’m still human I need validation but I’m fine without it too. London and Florence + The Machine’s How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful gave me a new day to look forward to.

In London you have space and room to grow. Despite the horrible weather I quite like it as it gave me a fresh start, new perspective into life, different culture and my love for the French chansons which has nothing to do with London but I discovered it here on my many trips to local independent French cafés. Wherever I will be in the future London will remind me that being different is not a curse. From gray waters to gray skies the city’s charming lights make me feel warm even when the London winds send shiver down my spine.