Interlaken, Switzerand

Interlaken, a beautiful town in Switzerland is a perfect spot for any season, with beautiful streets and restaurants. And the hard to miss, a picturesque expanse of mountains and slight fog can be seen far away with the sun shining, as I went in the summer.There are some things that can’t be forgotten ever, the beauty in the world, sweet perfume, the taste of hot chocolate and the clear sense of confluence of gratitude and good fortune. And it is a beautiful ride navigating through Interlaken, the lakes have a hue that is a bit turquoise a bit teal sometimes its green and sometimes its blue, I think the best hue to describe the lakes would be emerald, with the sun shining on it.

It is a sight not to be missed.We stayed at a chalet, pure swiss bliss, very obviously something that has to be experienced. Maybe ideally in winter but a warm June is beautiful as well. I guess it doesn’t matter when you go. It’s always charming and bewildering.

We walked past the pretty lake and navigated through the town. I guess the best thing to do in Interlaken is to walk around look at the scenic beauty and buy tickets to take trains to Jungfrau. The top of Europe which is another sight to described separately.

But staying at the Chalet gives you a warm feeling of reading Hemingway and listening to Gainsbourg. Then one can go up to Harder Kulm and dine in the panoramic restaurants.Where at the time there was a group performing traditional Swiss music while I was sipping on Hot Chocolate.