Hypnôse-Lancôme : An ode to fresh rain

his is the feeling of fresh rain on the grass and then the sun shines, this is the feeling morning dew drops on flowers, the feeling of dancing in the rain on a hot July day.With notes of vanilla and vetiver, it is delicate and sublime. And floral notes of gardenia make it perfectly feminine. This is a perfect night fragrance that lingers on people’s minds like a memory. It is soothing and sweet like summer rain and hot July days. To spark up this fragrance I love the design of the bottle that gives it a womanly silhouette figure and the mauve, lilac colour is the essence of divine femininity that is relaxing and lingering.I remember when I first put it on at the store, it was divine, the sweetness uplifted my mood. The one memory that creeps up the most when I smell this perfume is when I was walking in my university campus on a rainy day.That day had been an awkward in between. Somewhere between winter and spring. It had been a little chilly and a little warm and as the cool winds blew the droplets of rain everywhere made me feel relaxed.It was sublime.