Givenchy-Live Irrésistible Eau de Delicieuse

Have you ever walked past a bakery or took in the fragrance of a flower or a scented candle? Live Irrésistible is the perfect confluence of all that all in one bottle.This fragrance has notes of baked French pastry, but not too much just the perfect amount plus the sensuality of flowers. It is the most feminine fragrance out there without being too girly it has a spice to it that makes it more versatile and strong and empowering. It gives you the air of an irresistible aura which is alluring to people who get a whiff of it when you walk past. But perfumes are not worn to impress others but to feel good about yourself. Perfumes are really about memories and attachments. They are like time capsules in a bottle that take you places. When I spray this perfume I feel at home during Christmas wearing this scent takes me to a cherished time of lights and happiness.