Gabrielle Chanel Essence

Back in January, a few months ago, I was walking around in Paris on a cold winter afternoon, listening to music.The afternoon became windy and it started drizzling, I continued my aimless walk and then stumbled upon a perfume shop.

I keep visiting perfume stores even if I don’t want to buy a new one, I feel exploring the notes of hundreds of perfumes which I won’t buy might teach me to understand the language of perfume.

After a few spritzes of various good perfumes, I sprayed Gabrielle Chanel Essence. From the first spritz it was intriguing and different.

It is a beautiful floral fragrance, but not too sweet and girly like some floral perfumes usually are. It is an excellent fragrance which is floral enough to be feminine but warm enough to be complex and different.

It has notes of Jasmine, Ylang-Ylang, Orange Blossom and Grasse Tuberose.

Often after I fall in love with a fragrance I always look up the notes, to understand why I like the scents I like. Some of my fragrances have similarities with each other and some are very distinctly unlike anything else I have.

Jasmine in the right quantity is a fragrance that reminds me of hot summer months from my childhood. A scent I always smell on my mother in summer, jasmine, in the south of India during summer is in full bloom.

Ylang-Ylang, again in specific quantity I really find soothing I used to put four drops of ylag-ylang essential oil in my oil burner in my room while doing yoga. So it has a certain calming effect.

Orange Blossom is one of my favourite notes of all time, it always smells like summer, so that doesn’t surprise me.

Tuberose is the one that I don’t have any memory with yet, but the composition of this perfume is beautiful, all of these ingredients blend perfectly to create a very warm fragrance.

It was a very warm spritz on a winter’s day in Paris.