Why looking chic helps us to face the morally bankrupt society?
Sometimes¬† I wonder about vanity, we do the one thing we are not supposed to do “judge a book by its cover” And even though that is wrong often worrying about the surface is a much deeper issue. I worry about it, not because I’m vain but because some people I have encountered are so morally bankrupt that I find myself picking apart the surface, we all do it, and the only way I overcome these feelings is through fashion. It may sound superficial but the way we dress is an expression. Through the patterns, the warmth of the colours and the feel of the fabric we really come into our own. It isn’t about showing off but we feel confident when we look good we feel so beautiful when we think we look chic.
It reminds me of the lyrics from the following Taylor Swift song, Holy Ground (Spinning like a girl in a brand new dress/ we had this big wide city up to ourselves)When I look good I can forget for a while that the very same people who told me to ” never judge a book by its cover” are the people who would put me down for a tiny flaw. But flaws are not the end of the world we can make our flaws chic too by embracing them because there is nothing to hide. Dressing up is not hiding with flamboyance but instead a suit of armour. And there is nothing wrong with it.