Barcelona, Spain

I have been enamoured by Spain due to its depiction in film and books. Barcelona is probably the most visited Spanish city, and it is no surprise.

With its vibrant allure and splash of colour on every street it is an inspiration for artists and writers, a muse for architects and sculptors, a luxury for summer lovers, a rhythm for the musicians and dancers and a promise of warmth for those longing for the sun.

There are the most beautifully unusual buildings in Barcelona. Constructions like no other, Antoni Gaudi’s La Sagrada Familia, Park Güell, and Casa Batlló.

Park Güell, is a spot of nature within the city sitting atop a hill, so it seems like your are away for the city noise and bustling lifestyle , but it stands overlooking the vast Barcelona view, it was there, where I got to learn more about Gaudi, as the narration went, Gaudi had to spend hours inside his house throughout his childhood due to an illness, so he was inspired by the two things he was surrounded by all the time, nature and religion. He took great pride and inspiration in the Mediterranean and Catalan culture and in religion.

This is evident on a stroll through the park, with beautiful plants and flowers the trencadis (mosaics made of waste pieces) ornate motifs of religious symbolic storytelling, and depiction of nature and seasons in trencadis.

Casa Batlló is a monument, former residence redesigned by Gaudi, at first sight it looks very otherworldly, it has beautiful painted glass overlooking the street,

but most unusual of it all is the stained glass which when you look through looks like a distorted ethereal blue reflection, the inspiration behind this for Gaudi, was nature, particularly the sea how would walls and windows and floors and light look if they were seen through a barrier of water.

the whole house comes to life with this, Gaudi plays on senses of sight, hearing and smell. When I visited I could smell a subtle scent of lemon and lemongrass, as you go to higher floors you can hear water droplets near the Casa’s laundry room, when you walk out to the balcony you can hear the natural sounds of the streets and feel the sun of course. It’s this creative and unique experience that makes a vacation in Barcelona very memorable.

There are many other monuments to visit, such the Sagrada Familia, Casa Mila.

But perhaps what I’ve seen tourists enjoy most is to take a stroll through the famous markets and streets, like Las Rambalas, The boqueria market and shopping in Placa de la Catalunya which is the centre of the city lined with fountains, benches, boutiques, cafes, restaurants and souvenir shops to spend a sundrenched afternoon in the centre.

Barcelona also offers the classic summertime activity to go to the beach and enjoy a splash into the sea.

My memory that keeps coming back is that of the hot fiery summer sun that, I longed for all winter with beautiful classical Spanish guitar played by musicians in the street, the balmy winds by the sea a taste of summer in its entirety.

The lyrics that describe that memory the most is sung by Nella in Cuatro Coplas de Luna

“Una luz inmensa de un verano libre ,Iluminando todo mi verso de mimbre “

Translates to an immense light of a free summer, illuminating all my wicker verse.