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Gabrielle Chanel Essence

Back in January, a few months ago, I was walking around in Paris on a cold winter afternoon, listening to music.The afternoon became windy and it started drizzling, I continued my aimless walk and then stumbled upon a perfume shop. I keep visiting perfume stores even if I don’t want to buy a new one, […]

A walk in the Park

These days amidst all the news and illness, loss and sadness I wake up every morning with a sense of melancholy of which I’m certain, it is not just mine. I wake up with a sinking feeling which is soothed by the sound of the birds by my window. They sing the sweetest notes with […]

Barcelona, Spain

I have been enamoured by Spain due to its depiction in film and books. Barcelona is probably the most visited Spanish city, and it is no surprise. With its vibrant allure and splash of colour on every street it is an inspiration for artists and writers, a muse for architects and sculptors, a luxury for […]

Sunset by the Indian Ocean

My best memories involve the ocean, there is nothing like the Indian Ocean, so dangerous and frightening but peace can be found in danger, like an excitement in adventure. Françoise Hardy’s album La Question is a masterpiece and the song Mer is so haunting and sad but it leaves an air of silence and calmness, […]

London, England

How will I express London without talking about how much it changed me? Through thick and thin the London rain has been the backdrop through it all. My new life, which I created with my family’s help. It was just escapism at first but I found out so much about myself, I came into my […]

Hypnôse-Lancôme : An ode to fresh rain

his is the feeling of fresh rain on the grass and then the sun shines, this is the feeling morning dew drops on flowers, the feeling of dancing in the rain on a hot July day.With notes of vanilla and vetiver, it is delicate and sublime. And floral notes of gardenia make it perfectly feminine. […]

Givenchy-Live Irrésistible Eau de Delicieuse

Have you ever walked past a bakery or took in the fragrance of a flower or a scented candle? Live Irrésistible is the perfect confluence of all that all in one bottle.This fragrance has notes of baked French pastry, but not too much just the perfect amount plus the sensuality of flowers. It is the most […]

Interlaken, Switzerand

Interlaken, a beautiful town in Switzerland is a perfect spot for any season, with beautiful streets and restaurants. And the hard to miss, a picturesque expanse of mountains and slight fog can be seen far away with the sun shining, as I went in the summer.There are some things that can’t be forgotten ever, the […]

Chanel No.5 L’eau, summer in a bottle

Chanel No. 5 L’eau is a gorgeous scent so connected to the modern woman, so Parisienne, enchanting and fresh that there is only one description, It is summer in a bottle.  It has notes of everything that smells like a summer afternoon.Lemon, Mandarin, Orange and Vetiver, all scents that resonate with a summer splash into […]

A Day in Cannes, France

When I got off at the train station in Cannes, I felt I had arrived I felt like an artist I felt so confident in myself as an artist. It was the place to be at, It wasn’t me it was Cannes The water so calm, with the sun shining like a spotlight on it […]