An Afternoon in Versailles, France

I made some gorgeous memories that afternoon that are here to stay. An afternoon away from Paris, seemed sad at first, what with my undying love of Paris and my mad obsession with the city. I had spent 5 days in Paris so far and I was separated from my love but Versailles is a whole another story. Versailles was labyrinthine, colossal, beautiful afternoon with burning sun and Françoise Hardy’s album Comment Te Dire Adieu playing in my ears. It was French magic. As I walked through the palace I was lost in history and charm. When I arrived at the hall of mirrors I was more and more falling into the depths of the Palais. As we walked out I could see the huge expanse of Jardin de Versailles like a beautiful maze. The mazes brought me to a charming little orange juice stand, a taste a scent I can never forget. As I saw the fountin show I played A quoi ça sert? By Françoise Hardy my favourite lines just resonated with me (Comme toi j’ai un coeur qui ne peut rien promettre /À qui l’amour fait peur mais qui t’aime peut-être?) which means (Like you I have a heart which can promise nothing/ Who is scared of love who love you perhaps?) but the line that really got me into a ‘beret wearing philosophical thinking’ mode was (Tu ne veux pas souffrir /Mais qui ne souffre pas ?) ( You don’t want to suffer but who doesn’t suffer?) This got me thinking about the moments when you feel calm after having suffered. This calmness was a gift to me.

labrynthine gardens of Versailles