A walk in the Park

These days amidst all the news and illness, loss and sadness I wake up every morning with a sense of melancholy of which I’m certain, it is not just mine. I wake up with a sinking feeling which is soothed by the sound of the birds by my window. They sing the sweetest notes with the vitality of a thousand suns. I’m at an impasse with myself, I feel incredibly overwhelmed by the feeling of pain in my mind, just worrying about my future, my health, the health of my loved one’s and tomorrow.

This feeling isn’t new to me and every time I have felt this way I have turned to nature. It is where my deepest devotion lies. I miss the little things, walking in the park, feeling the wind, hearing the leaves’ whisper, I miss it so much and I know I can’t go out now. But soon when I can, the feeling will just be indescribable.

Lodhi Garden, New Delhi, India

So, I will write about my previous walk. I went out on a walk with my mother about a month ago, It was a a warm and pleasant afternoon the kind you see for a few weeks as winter slowly turns to spring.

There was a divine sunshine, warm and comforting, birds singing, flowers blooming , ducks swimming and kids playing.

These days when I read the news about nature healing itself, the waters and skies clearing, the air so light and fresh, it elates me. I worry of all the damage that will happen again when our lives turn back to normal.

Following nature’s trail, I too want to heal myself, and I can sincerely hope that there are many people out there just like me who are now going to take more care of their surroundings or at least start trying.

There are many things we can do which seem so small but they aren’t. Like decreasing the use of plastic if you are new at this, but ideally stopping the use of plastic, I always carry a jute bag, it is a small way to make a big change. Using as many organic beauty products as possible, which I have been doing for the most part,using cruelty-free products, cruelty against animals is horrifying.There is no way we cannot learn how to live peacefully in harmony along with nature’s creatures. I always used to think “well, I’m a vegetarian, I have always been one, but it isn’t enough. What else can I do?.” This planet doesn’t just belong to humans, It belongs to the animals and the birds and the trees as well as to us.

I will try my best with sincere efforts, to be the most sustainable I can be, Nature has time and time again helped me out and I need it’s hands over me helping me. I have been educating myself on more ways to be sustainable, there is always something we can do better.

Nature is a healer and I want to do all that I can to help heal it.