A song of my heart

I wanted to write my thoughts in a song,
but, traded it for things I didn't want.
I wanted to right this wrong,
But it's too late now.
There are voices which tell me I can change the song,
Find melodies in my mind I've had for too long
But my song is my heart and my heart is a song.

Too many words have broken it apart
I wrote from the start
about the pain, in the dark
to kindle some spark,
on a guitar that I bought
Because I can't abandon the song of my heart.

I wanted to tame the winds of the world
One by one with the notes I learnt
but I thought of giving it up,
even before it started.
I wanted to forget the stars
How can I unlearn this song of my heart?

Too many times
I have been hurt
by the feelings of love, loss ,
I can't believe the feelings I was going to toss
to follow a life I don't want .

I want to love and I want to sing
I want to travel to drown out the din
I wanted to ignore all the sins
of the past,
I want to pursue that dream which is destined.

How can I forget the lies I heard?
I can only put them in words,
That are separated by some rhythm
and syncopated beats ,
with those notes that carry truth in them.

The pain of the dark,
Haunted me from the start.
How can I unlearn the song of my heart?
I will give it up when the sun turns black.

I have a voice, a thought and a melody,
I can't abandon the song of my heart.