A Day in Cannes, France

When I got off at the train station in Cannes, I felt I had arrived I felt like an artist I felt so confident in myself as an artist. It was the place to be at, It wasn’t me it was Cannes The water so calm, with the sun shining like a spotlight on it made it into a haven.And it was a calm sunny Sunday with people relaxing by the closed stores playing cards and having drinks. And I was lost, metaphorically and literally. But it was good to be lost.
Come afternoon I walked in Cannes listening to Jacques Dutronc’s cool alluring 60s rock with the hot summer wind whispering softly and the chirping of the birds and people laughing, just happy people on vacation. As annoying as it is when people are in your way taking selfies with that selfie stick, it didn’t bother me so much because people were smiling, they were happy and enjoying their best life with ice creams, slushies and selfie sticks. It was like a painting come to life. My two days at the French Riviera  felt like Grace Kelly and Cary Grant in To Catch a Theif, but without the scandal and the jewels but with all the glamour.

A Slim Aarons picture kind of capture.
As the night came the wind got cooler and I spent the rest of my night listening to music looking at the reflection of the moon on the pool water at the hotel. And I could hear the waves whispering from a bit further away. It was bliss.